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AgIntegrated, CDMS, SeediQ Partner to offer Single Source Reference Data API — January 18, 2017

State College, PA– Today AgIntegrated, Inc. (AGI), CDMS, Inc. and SeediQ announce a partnership to develop, promote, and sell a single-source crop input reference data API that will include crop protection, nutritional and seed varietal data. Delivered through AGI’s Onsite platform, this service enables those seeking both crop protection and seed data in a single API to integrate with one system.

Duane Reese, AGI president says, “This will further the value of the Onsite platform while providing our clients the industry standard crop protection information from CDMS and the best neutral seed data source from SeediQ.”

For more information on this service, please call AGI at (814) 237-5617 ext. 102.

About CDMS – Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS), Inc. provides data and decision support technologies for agriculture. Our services, including CDMS Inside, are utilized by a broad-range of market participants across the continuum of food production including product manufacturers, distribution, consultants, and growers throughout North America. CDMS’ mission is to provide the highest quality services, systems and customer support that deliver valuable benefits to our customers and stakeholders.

About SeediQ – SeediQ, LLC delivers seed-product data services utilized across the agriculture industry. SeediQ data is integrated into precision agriculture software, Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS), farmer co-ops and in applications across the ag-tech marketplace. SeediQ’s focus is to empower the commercial agriculture industry to better serve customers at the farm gate where data application matters most. To learn more about SeediQ visit

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