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AgIntegrated to release Onsite this Spring — March 7, 2012

Onsite will be available to the Ag community this Spring!

Have you ever traveled miles to a field and realized you didn’t have the right prescription file or map with you? Ever have trouble juggling all those cards of as-applied and yield data? Wouldn’t it be nice to connect with your coworkers, customers, and vendors so you can easily move and share important information with key people? All without switching from your current agronomic or precision ag software system(s)?

Onsite can help and it’s within your reach.

OnSite combines cloud, desktop, and mobile technologies with the OnSite Relay, a wireless data transfer device, to provide a low barrier to entry, professional toolset with a focus on your needs.

Feature Highlights

  • Organize and access your files from anywhere.
  • Transfer files from the office to the field into any equipment or vice versa.
  • Directly access equipment telematics systems such as Raven Slingshot.
  • Build your network of connections to send and share files to other colleagues.
  • Locate connections (individuals or equipment) on your desktop or smartphone.
  • Setup geo-fences to alert you when individuals or equipment cross a field boundary or any area you define.
  • Access a variety of free tools to help with your day to day activities.

Your smartphone has enabled you, the precision ag consumer, to become the most important asset once again. Growers, Precision Ag Specialists, Salespersons, Agronomists, Consultants, or Operators, to name a few, are responsible for adopting and embracing precision agriculture. As seen in other industries, you, the connected consumer, will ultimately drive the need for lower cost, easier to use, integrated systems that make your day more efficient.

After over a decade of working in precision ag with people like you, we are close to releasing Onsite into the agricultural community. We appreciate the time and input from our beta testers. And a big thank you goes out to the equipment and agronomic software systems that are already connected directly with Onsite. Current connections include:

  • i-FARM by United Soils, Inc.
  • Slingshot by Raven Industries
  • Advisor by CDMS

..more connections will be announced in the near future!

Stay tuned to learn more about Onsite and be notified first of the official release date.

For more informations please contact:

Mike Santostefano – AgIntegrated