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Rumors by Year Onsite offers solution for cross-platform precision communications — April 4, 2012

Great article from Farm Industry News:

“Onsite, a new cloud-based mobile and desktop application, promises to solve the challenge of wirelessly transferring precision ag data across multiple hardware and software platforms.


Onsite also provides new avenues for tracking mixed equipment fleets, as well as key personnel, says Mike Santostefano,director of marketing and business development for AgIntegrated, the precision agriculture software development company behind Onsite.

“Right now precision ag information is ‘siloed’ by brand,” says Santostefano.“The industry needs a cross-platform solution for growers to manage their data, equipment and personnel, while keeping them connected to their input dealers and trusted advisers.”

Onsite solves the cross-platform challenge by simplifying wireless data transfer to and from major precision ag hardware platforms. It does this by linking precision data stored on office computers to Internet servers that automatically download data to smartphones and tablet computers. Onsite’s Relay wireless data transfer device completes the final in-cab data transfer to precision displays.

Eventually, Ag Integrated hopes to be able to transfer Onsite data directly to precision ag displays. That’s already a reality with Raven displays through the Slingshot cellular communications system.

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For now, final data transfer to most brands will be a two-step process involving a smartphone or tablet and the Relay device, which writes precision data to a compact flash card or USB drive for updating the precision display. The data transfer process is reversed to upload as-applied files to the Onsite server.

Onsite’s asset-tracking functions use GPS capabilities built into smartphones and tablet computers to track key personnel and the equipment they are operating. The Onsite system also includes technologies to enhance communications among key contributors on an enterprise’s management team, including instant file sharing and instant chat.

The annual fee per Onsite account is $499. The price of the Onsite Relay wireless data transfer device has not been announced. For more information, visit or call 814/237-5617. “

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