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Onsite Beta Update — May 17, 2012

Onsite set for June 25th launch at the IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference

With the release date fast approaching, the excitement level is building. The Onsite team is putting the finishing touches on the Onsite app based on feedback from our beta testers and the manufacturing of the Relay is in full swing.

The positive response to Onsite across the agricultural industry has already exceeded our expectations. Equipment, software, and input providers are eager to help create a more connected and productive industry through apps like Onsite. And the beta testers are thrilled about how easy it is to communicate important ag information with the people, equipment, and software they interact with on a daily basis.


So how can Onsite improve productivity for individuals working with precision ag information? Here are a few uses that our beta testers have found:

  • Save time and fuel by sending prescription files directly to the tractor or to someone closer to the field through a smartphone and the Relay.
  • Save time and energy collecting as applied data by sending the files directly from the planters or sprayers back to the office or directly into an agronomic software package to be processed.
  • Send geo-fence alerts to each operator out on the field when the tender truck is on it.
  • Send user guides, processes, or agronomic information with your network of connections in order to share knowledge and help troubleshoot an issue or make better decisions out on the field.
  • Growers especially like the ability to receive geo-fence alerts when their vendors and advisers access their fields (ex. Manure spreaders, scouts, etc.).

How else can Onsite be used to connect the agricultural industry? The next newsletter will announce several new direct connections with Onsite from equipment and agronomic software systems! Also, we invite you to join us at the IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference June 25-27 in Altoona, IA where we will have the opportunity to meet you in person and show you the Onsite program in action.

If you haven’t already registered for the conference, visit and enter the promo code AGDL to receive a discounted rate courtesy of your friends at Onsite.

For more informations please contact:

Mike Santostefano – AgIntegrated