Incompatible software and data. Dozens of proprietary equipment file formats. Inefficient data collection and file transfer. Inadequate data file storage and sharing. Our solution to these challenges: Onsite.

The Onsite technologies enable the flow of information between disparate systems (software, data, and equipment) and empowers the network of individuals that work with them.

Onsite Exchange Services

Onsite Exchange Services enable you to focus your energy on building and improving your product offering instead of getting bogged down in data movement, translation, storage and sharing.

Field Data Adaptor Web Service

  • As-planted, as-applied, and yield translators.
  • Yield processing and editing.
  • Consistent input/output of your choice.

AgCloud Storage Web Service

  • Safe, secure, backed up. Accessible from anywhere.
  • You and your clients control the data because it’s stored on your own cloud account.
  • Use your app’s user interface to manage the who, what, where of data permissioning.

Equipment Telematics Web Service

  • Single hub to connect and transfer files with any color equipment.
  • MyJohnDeere, Raven Slingshot, and others as they become available.
  • Use your app’s user interface to manage user permissions and files transfer.

Software to Software Web Service

  • Leverage Onsite’s data integration technologies to seamlessly integrate with other apps.
  • Make your app compatible with data standards.
  • Securely move data with an independent solution.

Onsite App

As a service provider, do you need an out-of-the-box solution to complement and improve the efficiency of the precision ag software products you deploy? The Onsite app is a low barrier to entry, out-of-the-box solution to streamline the collection of as-applied and yield files, facilitate the transfer of prescription files to equipment in the field, and centrally organize/share files.

Data Sharing

  • Connect with colleagues, customers, and vendors to easily share data.
  • Easily keep your team on the same page with permissioned access to data.
  • Organize, view, and move files including prescription files, archived as-applied/yield data, PDF’s, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, images, and more.


  • Leverage your existing smartphone to quickly collect data from the field and transfer prescription files to the field.
  • Streamline as-applied and yield data transfers with Onsite’s one-touch Smart Send.
  • Data transfer at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-cab connected systems.

Equipment Telematics

  • Leverage the Onsite app to connect and transfer data to/from connected equipment.
  • View the location of your equipment.
  • MyJohnDeere, Raven Slingshot, and others as they become available.


  • Your brand, our technology.
  • Provides a consistent customer experience.
  • Instant brand equity within Android Google Play & iOS App Store