Incompatible software and data. Dozens of proprietary equipment file formats. Inefficient data collection and file transfer. Inadequate data file storage and sharing. Our solution to these challenges: Onsite.

The Onsite technologies enable the flow of information between disparate systems (software, data, and equipment) and empowers the network of individuals that work with them.

Whether you have come to play or are here to stay, Onsite can get you there!

Onsite Out-of-the-Box Technologies

As a service provider or software vendor, do you need an out-of-the-box solution to complement and improve the efficiency of the precision ag software products you deploy?

The Onsite apps streamline the collection of as-applied, as-planted, and yield files, facilitate the transfer of prescription files to equipment in the field, and centrally organize/share files so you can focus on what you do best.

We know how important your brand is to you and your customers so all of these apps can be white-labeled with your branding.


Onsite Enterprise App

  • Web-based desktop and mobile app that facilitates the movement and sharing of agronomic information for Growers and Agronomy Service Providers.
  • Connects Growers with their Trusted Advisors to share information more efficiently.
  • Move data between your cloud storage, equipment telematics systems, and any farm management information system (FMIS).
  • Data is stored on your own cloud account that you manage through Onsite’s AgCloud services within your white-labeled Onsite app.

Field Data Messenger (FDM)

  • Desktop utility for sending large agronomic data files to your software.
  • One touch Smart Send includes a default send to location and an outbox to handle larger files that tend to time-out when uploading through web browser apps or when Internet connectivity is a problem.
  • Send any agronomic data files including yield, as-applied, as-planted, soil data, and field boundaries.
  • Built in Relay Manager automatically identifies equipment file types when a USB is plugged into the computer and uploads only the relevant and new agronomic data to reduce the size of the file.
  • Include your branding on the desktop app and customize where the data is sent.
  • Use in conjunction with the Field Data Adapter web service to translate the data coming in to your software.

Field Data Previewer (FDP)

  • Desktop browser and mobile app for collecting, translating, and viewing as-applied, as-planted, and yield data (location and metadata).
  • Edit agronomic data prior to sending it into your software system.
  • Growers and their Trusted Advisors can immediately view and update the equipment data including crops, acreage, seed hybrid/variety names, planting date, etc. prior to sending it your system.
  • A more efficient data collection process equates to more timely results and therefore increased value of your farm management/analytics system.


  • Growers now have the independent solution to securely share data with their Trusted Advisors.
  • Use FarmLock data sharing with or without the Onsite app.
  • Trusted Advisors can freely register to receive a one-time send (zip file) or on-demand folder sharing from their Growers.
  • Growers are in full control of who can view and download their data and they have the additional assurance that their data can only be used by the Trusted Advisor as defined by the Grower.

Onsite Embedded Technologies

As a software vendor, focus your energy on building and improving your product instead of getting bogged down in data collection, sharing, and translation.

Onsite’s Embedded Technologies break down these barriers through a variety of web services and tools for translating field data, communicating with equipment telematics, organizing/sharing agronomic data, and transferring files into and out of your software. Need a reference database or GIS data layers, Onsite can help!

Choose one or more of these flexible services and we customize the outputs to meet your specific format needs and goals.


Enterprise API

  • Add a valuable layer to your system for the collection, organization, communication, and sharing of your customer data (Grower and/or Service Provider).
  • Independent conduit to improve the efficiently of transferring and managing your customer’s agronomic data files.
  • Equipment Telematics Web Service to connect into all of the equipment services (i.e MyJohnDeere, Precision Planting FieldView, Raven Slingshot, etc.)
  • AgCloud Storage Web Service to setup and permission access to each Grower’s data warehouse of files within your cloud account or your customer’s cloud account.
  • Connection/Inbox Web Services to connect individuals inside and outside your software system to assist in data sharing permissions and data movement into and out of your system.
  • Automated alerts can be setup to alert your software when a new file is available to retrieve through the any of the enterprise services.

Field Data Adaptor (FDA) API

  • Convert and Process any of your GIS field data into the common output of your choice (geoJSON, shapefile, etc.).
  • Cloud infrastructure supports infinite scalability so you can rest easy during the busy planting and harvest seasons.
  • Yield converter web service
  • Yield processing library for cleaning and editing yield data within your servers
  • As-applied/as-planted converter web service
  • Controller generation web services for generating prescription files for any brand of equipment monitors.

Field Data Reference (FDR) API

  • Managed single source API for common naming formats and corresponding information for all field records.
  • CDMS Inside crop protection, seed, and nutritional data services
  • With many “standards” in the industry, the FDR service provides translations so your precision ag software is compatible with other systems and standards guidelines allowing your software to more seamlessly pass farm records on behalf of the Grower.

Field Data Layer (FDL) API

  • Hosted solution to meet your GIS data layer needs.
  • Map data layers include soil data (SSURGO and ISPAID), topography, digital elevation model (DEM), and third party services such as Driftwatch.
  • Check in with us as more data layers are being added soon!

Software Exchange Services

    Since other industries have already proven that a one-size-fits-all standard is unattainable, exchanging data between a multitude of different precision ag software system “standards” requires custom workflows or translations for compatibility.

    The exchange services are designed to help connect and integrate software systems in order to open the flow of information. We have completed dozens of integrations between a variety of precision ag software to meet specific needs of moving boundaries, soil sample data, prescriptions, yield, creating work orders, etc.

    Do you need an API or updated API? In addition to facilitating the handoff between systems, we can also assist in developing and successfully deploying your API.

Try out one or more of these services today!

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